The Honourable Commissioner of Finance, Honourable Shizzer Nasara Joy Bada has today presided over the management meeting of the ministry.

In her opening remarks, the Honourable Commissioner called on the staff and the management of the ministry to work delegently in order to actualize the core values of the ministry Viz Team work, Transparency, Accountability and Reliability.

In her presentation, the Honourable Commissioner unveiled the 2023 strategy plan of the ministry of finance. The Commissioner stated that, the ministry of finance plays a critical role in managing the economic and financial affairs of the state.

Honourable Shizzer further explained the strategy document which outlines the key objectives and initiatives to be undertaking by the ministry over the next years to promote economic growth, fiscal stability and financial resilience.

She also said the aim of the strategic plan was to enhance revenue generation, improve public financial management, foster economic development and ensure transparency and accountability in financial matters.

Hon. Shizzer also said the Kaduna State Ministry of Finance is always leading in the country in terms of driving financial sustainability, economic growth, and ensuring fiscal prudent and transparency as ranked by financial management firms.

Bada therefore highlights the strategic objectives which include: Enhance Revenue Generation, Ensure Fiscal Stability, Improve Public Finance Management, Foster Economic Development, Strengthen International Fiscal Cooperation.

The Key initiative of the plan as presented by the Honourable Commissioner are: Tax Reform and Digital Transformation, Other Revenue Optimisation Options, Public Financial Management Strengthening, Investment Promotion and Economic Zones, Debt Management and Risk Mitigation.

All these will be achieve through the establishment of clear Implementation plans, Resource Allocation and Capacity Building, Stakeholders Engagement, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, Communication and Public Outreach, Risk Management, and Continues improvement.

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