FULLNAME: Shizzer Nasara Bada
Office of the Accountant General, KDSG
POSITION: Accountant General
EMAIL: ag@accountantgeneral.kd.gov.ng


The Financial Statement has been prepared in accordance with the provision of Financial (Control and Management) Act 1958 as amended. The Financial Statement complies with generally accepted accounting practised. Responsibility for the integrity and objectivity of the financial statements, rest entirely with Government. To fulfil accounting and reporting responsibilities, the Accountant General is responsible for establishing and maintaining an adequate system of internal controls, designed to provide reasonable assurance that the transaction recorded are within Statutory Authority and that they, also, properly record the use of all public financial resources by the Government.

Efforts were made to ensure that these Financial Statements reflect the Financial Position of Government as at 31st December 2006 and its operation for the year ended on that date.

The efforts of all officers of the Directorate of Final Accounts and Debt Management, the Accounting Officer of Ministries and Parastatals are worthy of mention and recognition in the preparation of this Report. The support and understanding of the Honourable Commissioner for Finance is hereby appreciated. Finally we thank and appreciate the support of His Excellency Alhaji Ahmed Makarfi whose commitment to accountability and adherence to due process made it easy.



– Treasury of the state
– Keeping custody of and maintaining records of all public funds
– Supervising the accounts and financial records of all MDA’s of the state
– Preparing the statutory financial statement of the state and all other financial reports
– Disbursement of funds from the consolidated revenue fund and other public funds in line with law, statutes and financial instructions
– Public debt service and repayment
– Control of the treasury pool of accountants and internal auditors
– Instituting annual board of survey & enquiries, as well as handling matters relating losses of funds/stores
– Formulation of treasury circulars and enforcement of financial instructions