FULLNAME: Muhammad Bashir Sa'idu
DEPARTMENT: Honourable Commissioner of Finance, KDSG
POSITION: Honourable Commissioner of Finance
1. Oversee the State Government’s financial affairs and accounting.
2. Oversee policy analysis and implementation on matters connected with control and management of public finance.
3. Oversee financial regulation through the development and implementation of fiscal responsibility policies, financial regulations, treasury circulars and financial management systems.
4. Oversee strategic budget and financial planning for the Ministry.
5. Oversee the development and implementation of fiscal revenue generation and tax policies.
6. Oversee the debt management, servicing and repayment of the State in line with Debt Management Law.
7. Oversee negotiation on investment, trade and financial agreements entered into by the State.
8. Establish a communication channel and maintain the relationship with all relevant stakeholders both internal and external.