FULLNAME: Yusuf Inuwa
POSITION: Chief Accountant, KDSG
EMAIL: ca@accountantgeneral.kd.gov.n


  1. Controlling the Ministry’s vote of charge. 431/430/428 (vote books, PVS and remittance reporter
  2. Signing remittance cheques to various MDA’s; Preparation of LGJAC report
  3. Preparation of I.G.R report.
  4. Preparation of FAAC report
  5. Preparation of control registers for AG’s accounts
  6. Participate in preparation of annual budgetary provision
  7. Supervise the preparation of monthly reconciliation in statement
  8. Supervise the preparation of monthly returns
  9. Supervise the preparation of cashbooks
  10. Mediating ministry’s banking operations with various banks:
    • Letters of credit
    • Bank guarantees
    • Banking facilities
    • Reconciliation

Adhoc Assignment:

  1. Any other duties assigned by Director- Ministry of Finance, Director- Treasury Operations, Accountant General
  2. Representing meetings
  3. Checking for remittance vouchers
  4. Preparation of annual returns
  5. Preparation of Annual Budget.
  6. Checking of vote book